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Meet the Architect
Mark E. Landolf Architects, Inc. a San Clemente, CA based architectural firm specializing in Residential Design in Orange County, CA. Specializing in Custom Homes, Remodels and Additions.



Mark Landolf, Architect has over 25 years of experience in custom home design. Born in New Jersey but raised in the Bay Area and educated at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he obtained a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Mark has lived in Alamo California with his wife and 3 kids for the past 20 years. With hundreds of projects in and around the bay area and beyond, Mark has the experience and ability to provide you with a great design that meets your budget and needs. Providing creative, well thought out, structurally sound, viable solutions to bring your visions to life since 1996, Mark Landolf, Architecture is here to serve you.

The Process
The Process


I believe that the architectural process should be enjoyable. Come sit down with me and I will guide you through the entire process. 


1.    Initial Consultation

Tell me what it is you hope to achieve, your wish list and your budget. I will ask questions that will aid me in providing you with a creative solution. The initial consultation usually takes about an hour and can be done on site or at my office. From that meeting I will provide you with a very competitive bid to do the work required to get a building permit for your project. Once you have done your homework and smartly decide to hire me, I will begin the process of researching your project.  


2.    Predesign

Setbacks, easements, codes, topography, foliage and sight lines are just a few items that will need to be considered before I can begin. The process may vary from project to project based on complexity but from there I usually move to rough sketches. When I am satisfied that I have at least a few viable solutions, we will sit down to discuss the merits of the ideas I’ve presented to you. 


3.    Design Development

Depending on the success of the initial round of sketches I will either provide more sketches or move on to refining the sketches into hard line drawings and/or a 3D computer model. We will meet as often as necessary for us to successfully collaborate on a great design for your new home or remodel and hopefully have a few laughs along the way. 


4.    Construction Drawings

Once we have a completed design that you are thrilled with, I will start the task of putting together working drawings for permit submittal. This requires coordinating with any requires subcontractors such as a structural engineer, an energy consultant, surveyor or geotechnical engineer.  I will provide a solid set of plans and will make all required submittals and work with the building department to get permits as quickly as possible. 


5.    Bidding

I like to provide my clients with at least 3 quality recommendations for builders. This ensures that bids are competitive and can be compared side by side before making a final decision. 


6.    During Construction

I am always available to address your concerns and answer your contractors questions during the construction process. I try to visit each site at least a few times during construction as well. Construction Observation is also a service I can provide if you feel that you need further assistance during construction.


7.    Post Construction Phase

Enjoy! Sit back, relax and post great reviews about your architect.

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